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AQSIQ CertificateThe AQSIQ Team

We are a well established consultancy firm, founded in 2001 and led by Ms Jian Tao.

We have a hands-on, can-do attitude to achieving AQSIQ certificates for our clients and an outstanding track record of successes.

We have native Mandarin speakers with an excellent network of business contacts in China who have the knowledge and ability to help you to work through the entire AQSIQ process.

We are enthusiastic, effective and experienced international business consultants and we can also help you find Chinese buyers and help you sell your scrap materials to China direct!

What we do:

  • Obtain AQSIQ certificates for overseas scrap suppliers
  • AQSIQ certificate category expansion
  • Renew AQSIQ certificates
  • Export your scrap materials to China direct.

What we offer :

  • We will handle all the communication with the Chinese authorities for your AQSIQ certificate application.
  • We will prepare all the documents and translate them into Chinese for submission.
  • We will draw up the documents in a form that works with the Chinese authorities.
  • We will, of course, deal with any requests for further information or supporting documents (usually at the second documentation inspection).
  • In the event of a site inspection, we will provide on-site support and assistance, if required.
  • We will track the whole application right through to completion.

For a free, no obligation consultation,
please ring +44 (0)1793 325489
or email us at info@aqsiq-certificate.com
For immediate attention, call +44 (0) 78464 50237

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